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A wealth of intelligence in the pursuit of energy efficiency

Using the Image Processing Occupancy Sensor's (IPOS) onboard camera and computing modules, occupancy is calculated by comparing images to open source computer vision libraries, determining:  motion, faces and people present in the images.  The combination of these types of data with 

average illuminance level calculations can infom building control systems of the variability in building use and environmental changes.

Systems can be customized now according to occupancy count, room/area location, and continuously varying daylight levels all with a higher degree of confidence.  This general awareness and higher confidence occupancy data can dramatically reduce time delays for lower energy (vacant) room system settings and increase cost savings.  IPOS's longer ranges and ability to segment large spaces into multiple control zones, decreases the numbers of sensors needed, lessening the cost of install.



The information provided to building systems from the IPOS sensor advances the pursuit of strategic energy management for general sustainability, energy efficiency, LEED or net-zero energy facility initiatives.

Here's what the sensors sees, what your facility could see, what you can know and how you can minimize energy costs.