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Known Quantity Sensors, Inc. has its roots in applied research, licensing technology originally developed by Luigi Gentile Polese and Larry Brackney, researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewables Energy Laboratory - Building and Thermal Systems Group.  Their research combined advanced building sensor and device development, controls applications, and computer vision into developing a patented, award-winning hardware platform that can advance the pursuits of energy management and building automation.

Rory Bloomfield, Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining Known Quantity, Rory worked in the healthcare
start-up industry where he led mergers and acquisitions of independent pharmacies across Western Canada.  In addition to his corporate development activities, where Rory annually oversaw and completed more than $10 million worth of acquisitions, he drove business development efforts securing retail partnerships with some of the largest brand names in the country, notably Tim Hortons.  Rory previously also led the development and execution of a new mobile division for the largest auto repair company in North America, The Boyd Group (BYD.UN).

George Brunemann, Chief Technology Officer

George has a four decade track record of success through innovative architectures and algorithms.  He has been granted 16 patents that span fault tolerant computing, diesel combustion, transmission and hybrid-electric powertrain control, and use of the internet to improve fleet performance.  Much of his work has dealt with creating computer simulations that accurately represent the real world performance of the systems and models that provide the foundation for industrial applications of artificial intelligence.  George participated or led teams that created solutions for military jet engines at General Electric, designed the industry’s first diesel exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) combustion system at Cummins, as well as, is responsible for the current state of the art in low emission trucks and fuel efficient diesel-electric hybrids.  These hybrids power Class 8 trucks in use by the fleets of FedEx, UPS and Coca-Cola to the buses at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. 

Chris Shaner, Chief Operating Officer 

Chris brings nearly 20 years of commercial real estate experience to his role as COO. In his previous management and leadership roles, he focused on talent acquisitions and development, due diligence and competitive market analysis, and developing and executing operational strategy. Owing to his experience at Cushman & Wakefield and involvement with the Urban Land Institute (ULI), Chris brings a broad-based understanding of the commercial real estate sector to the team. Prior to joining Known Quantity, Chris served as Regional Investments Manager for Starwood Waypoint, a single family residential rental startup based out of Oakland, CA. At Starwood Waypoint, Chris drove regional investment strategy across multiple acquisitions channels and directed $64.8MM of capital deployment over a two-year period in single-family assets underwritten to maximize investor yields. In this role, he also collaborated with functional leadership across multiple channels to optimize operations and contributed to the growth of the company from a startup to publicly-traded REIT.